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Documentary cinema has been Jérôme Raynaud’s lifelong passion: exploring the world, discovering people and sharing their stories. Participating in the Winged Migration documentary adventure enabled him to gain valuable experience alongside Jacques Perrin.

In 2006 he directed his first film for France Télévisions:  Jaglavak, Prince of Insects, shot in Northern Cameroon, has earned more than twenty prizes across the globe, including the PROCIREP award, and appeared on the shortlist for the Best Documentary Oscar.

Jérôme’s documentaries specialize in ethnozoology. He is witness to the extraordinary relationships that exist between isolated populations and the nature that surrounds them, throughout the world.  Telling nature’s story through those who know it best puts forth a form of poetry that the modern day scientific approach tends to brush aside. Jaglavak, Prince of Insects and Amyu, The Army of Wasp-men, shot respectively in Africa and Amazonia, depict traditional, never-before-filmed ceremonies that vouch for this approach.

Since 2011, Jérôme Raynaud has worked with several communication agencies. He has created campaigns – some award-winning – for Michelin, The Principality of Monaco, the SNCF and Renault. Working with these agencies has been an incredible opportunity to experiment with new technologies, innovation and creation.